SPUDBILT | “Spudbilt products are designed and made by racers, for racers.”

About Spud

I started riding when I was about 4 or 5 years old. The first bike I rode was a RUPP, a little pull start, with almost no suspension thing. I held it Wide Open riding around the house until I fell over. Since then, I’ve been hooked. I may be older and a better rider, but I still run wide open. I started racing Local Moto when I was a kid on a Suzuki RM80. Was decent at it, but moved to the woods riding when I graduated to the “Big Bikes” a Suzuki RS175, “a sweet ride”! My Dad had a bike shop (Sport Motor Land) while growing up, he also ran the Elk Valley MX Track, and later moved on to Springfield Suzuki. That made for a pretty cool childhood for my brother and me!! While spending most of my 20’s getting the Spudbilt Body Shop up and running, I still rode and competed occasionally in local Hare Scrambles. In the early 90’s, my brother Kreg and I started racing the MHSC Hare Scramble Series. Worked my way from the B class, thru Veteran and A classes, to the Dreaded #10 spot. Front Row Baby!!!! Pretty cool, but sadly I wasn’t able to do much with it at the time. In the mid 90’s, we added running the BJEC Series also. Time Keeper Enduros, still some of the most fun you can have on a dirtbike (it’s sad that they have gone away). I was able to race my way to legitimate “AA” status here. I actually won OverAll Champion, at SCIPIO, OK, in 2003, Awesome Day!! In 2000, Pop’s and I took over promoting the Hillbilly Gran Prix Series. Also creating and promoting “The Ozark 100 Miler” since 2008. I still ride and compete in MHSC and BJEC Circuit Series whenever possible throughout the year. During my many years of riding and racing, I realized there had to be something that would make things easier, or better, for racers. Not finding what I wanted, I designed, made, and tested my products myself. After other riders started wanting my Bike Shoes and Tire Changers, I began selling them. Hope you enjoy all of our products and services, Go Ride!!!!